Add drinking-water and out comes softened and disinfected water of drinking water quality– how?

Most people do not think about that drinking water contain minerals as NaCl (salt), but it does – and this is the secret to inline electrolysis and disinfection. When the water enters our system, it first undergoes a filtration process to remove calcium carbonate and other impurities. A flowmeter measures the water volume, and an adequate number of electrons is led through the water using a set of special designed electrodes adjusted according to flow and salts in the water. This process generates active chlorine in form of hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite – a very powerful oxidant that kills bacteria and other potentially harmful microorganisms similar to the hypochlorous acid production in our body’s immune system. To receive extreme high degree of disinfection bacteria is caught in our biozone reaction filter that secures full effect of the active chlorine. Thus, the water comes out softened, disinfected and of drinking water quality – but still containing a residual of active chlorine ensuring biofilm control in the water system.

Adept Water Technologies is the manufacturer of medical equipment class-I drinking-water disinfection systems, for both stand-alone and build-in applications.

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