Nano Silver

Are you inhaling nanosilver in your work environment?

Many disinfection solutions for dental unit water systems are often associated with questionable chemicals. In Denmark and other countries, chemicals containing silver nanoparticles are used extensively. These substances are under strict surveillance throughout the EU. In addition to their questionable effect, the patient and not least the dentist will inhale silver nanoparticles. The consequences for the patient are insignificant due to the short period of exposure. However, dentists and dental assistants inhale this substance for years without any certainty that the dentist and his/her patients are completely protected from Legionella and other dangerous bacteria.

At Adept Water Technologies, we have therefore decided to develop a method which is based on green technology, creates a good work environment and, not least, is effective against Legionella bacteria. One may ask why Adept has been able to do this when others have failed. Firstly, we had a vision that this would be possible with our BacTerminator technology. We have therefore invested the necessary funds in the development of a trial system. This has cost several million Danish kroner and involved several years of research and development. We then subjected our system to testing at universities, dentists and in the EU’s official ETV testing programme for several years.

Our system was then approved as a medical device in accordance with the European directive. We have simply taken the task much more seriously than others on the market.

This has resulted in a unique system which works entirely without the addition of chemicals but instead simulates the body’s own immune system, which ensures the most desirable patient environment, work environment and environmental impact. Since the system has been developed correctly the dentist is able to check daily that the system is working and thus guarantee that the water supplied to the dental unit does not contain disease-provoking bacteria or dangerous chemicals.

Nano Silver – Silver nitrate – AgNO3

Links and articles about the use of nano silver and effect regarding health and environment.

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