Dental Unit Water

Safe water in Dental Units

Every day more than ten thousand patients are treated in a chair with BacTerminator Technology.

The heart of the Bacterminator Dental® is the unique and patented BacTerminator technology, which forces the water through a highly effective disinfection chamber using electrolysis technology. In the disinfection chamber some of the natural salts already present are converted into free chlorine as hypochlorious acid which disinfects 50-100 times more effectively than normal chlorine. The process provides an extremely high disinfection rate even at very low concentrations of free chlorine. The BacTerminator® Health Care is effective against Legionella and other microorganisms. 

Water treatment and disinfection process step-by-step

Free chlorine is considered the main disinfection method for drinking water by the WHO, the EPA (US) and the regulatory bodies in several European countries.

BacTerminator® Dental is equipped with state of the art water treatment technology that ensures disinfection at a level not previously provided. 

  1. 100 micron filter to remove dirt and particles.
  2. Active carbon filter removes old chlorine and odor from the incoming water.
  3. Ion exchange resin removes calcium carbonate from the water.
  4. 1 micron filter to remove very fine particles.
  5. From natural salts in the water, the BacTerminator® produces disinfecting agents which kill microorganisms and protect against subsequent growth of biofilm in the unit.
  6. Bio Reaction Zone ensures that invading microorganisms are stopped and destroyed by disinfecting agents formed in the BacTerminator® disinfection chamber.
  7. The result of processing with BacTerminator Dental is clean and disinfected water.