Hot Water

Hot Water Systems – Legionella infection control

BacTerminator® Safe is an on-site system which, using drinking water, electricity and NaCl (table salt) produces an extremely effective disinfectant, also known as ECA (Electrochemically Activated Water).
ECA water is known as a highly effective disinfectant against Legionella and biofilm. The system’s operating costs are very low, and minimal monitoring is required for optimal functioning.

The advanced electrolytic cell was developed and made in Denmark by Adept Water Technologies. It is one of the most efficient electrolytic cells on the market, meaning that electricity and NaCl consumption is very low. Production of a concentration 0.5 ppm ECA water in 1,000 litres of water consumes a mere 20 W*h and 1.5 g NaCl. This means that even big units such as schools, nursing homes, hospitals and housing associations can be secured for a few cent’s a day.