BacTerminator Health Care

BacTerminator Health Care

Super-disinfected water for health care and hygienic purposes

Easy and cost-effective means of obtaining water of high hygienic quality – no bottle storage – microbiologically safe water guaranteed and verifiable.


  • Water for wound cleansing
  • Drinking water for immunocompromised patients
  • Ice cube makers
  • Dental units (BacTerminator Dental)

The systems are produced in compliance with ISO13485 quality management.

BacTerminator® Dental has obtained »Environmental Technology Verification« (ETV); ETV is a certification scheme of the EU Commission which tests and validates the efficacy of green technologies. The production of 1 l water with BacTerminator® Health Care costs € 0,15 – 0,30.

The BacTerminator® technology

The patented BacTerminator® technology combines filtering and electrolysis, which produces active chlorine (hypochlorous acid).

Result of the BacTerminator treatment is clean and super disinfected water with a residual disinfection effect that protects against biofilm and regrowth.

  • 100 micron filter removes particles
  • Active carbon removes old chlorine residues & colour
  • Ion exchange resin removes calcium from the water
  • 1 micron filter removes whatever’s left in the water
  • Production of natural disinfection agents that protect against bacteria and growth of biofilm
  • Bio Reaction Zone – ensures that all microorganisms are killed

Ice cube makers and drinking water

Bacteria may grow in an ice cube maker even without a lot of bacteria in the incoming water.
An on-site test with BacTerminator® Health Care shows that the ice cube and drinking water function of the machine can drastically reduce the bacteria count.

Wound cleansing

The microbiological quality of tap water may vary significantly and tap water may contain potentially pathogenic bacteria. A small BacTerminator tapping station will provide a constant satisfactory water quality which can be checked with a fast and simple strip test. The water may be tapped into bottles for wound cleansing and is a cheap alternative to sterile saline. It also saves space as it does not require storage of bottles/bags of saline.

On site test – Ice cube maker in hospital 
Total Viable Count (CFU/ml) at 37° C
 Before installation of BacTerminatorAfter Installation of Bacterminator
Incoming water (drinking water) 47 –
Ice cubes 121 <1
Water from ice cube maker 70 <1

Fig 2: Reduction of total viable count for ice cube maker after BacTerminator installation

On-site test – Dental Chair – BacTerminator Dental
TestDental unit 1Dental unit 2Dental unit 3
Total Viable Count (CFU/ml) at 37° C>2.00067130
Legionella (CFU/l)10040.000<10
L. pneumophila (CFU/l)40.000
TestDental unit 1Dental unit 2
+ BacTerminator
Dental unit 3
+ BacTerminator
Total Viable Count (CFU/ml) at 37° C1.7002<1
Legionella (CFU/l)100<10<10
L. pneumophila (CFU/l)
Detection limit total viable count: 1 CFU/ml / Detection limit Legionella pneumophila 10 CFU/l

Fig. 3: Numbers highlighted and underscored indicate values higher than allowed (Danish norm for total viable count and Legionella pneumophila in dental chairs

Studies show that water with active chlorine (hypochlorous acid) is harmless to tissue and safe to use:

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System in use

‘Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.’