BacTerminator® OEM Customized

BacTerminator® OEM Customized

Customized products – OEM products – BacTerminator® Basic

Adept Water Technologies manufacture OEM and customized products for several types of applications as home appliances systems (dishwashers, washing machines), reuse of water in the home, special health care applications and larger systems for industrial and municipal use. Contact us if you have a challenge with infection control in your water system.

The most effective inline disinfection method for fresh water systems

The ideal method for drinking water disinfection: primary and secondary disinfection without handling chemical. The unique electro disinfection technology in the BacTerminator ensures the most efficient water disinfection method on the market. Primary and secondary water disinfection with a single unit. 

Use of the BacTerminator® water disinfection systems in fresh water applications offers the following advantages:

  • Better and more efficient disinfection than other methods
  • Improved water hygiene and quality
  • Improved health and safety in your working environment
  • Reduction  of the need for addition of biocides
  • Reduced microbial corrosion
  • Reduced time and cost of cleaning and servicing your water system
  • Enable water to be reused


  • Ground water
  • Surface water
  • Mineralised desalted water
  • Reuse of sand filter rinse water
  • Cooling Water
  • Industrial process water
  • Water for the food industry
  • Water for reuse
  • Legionella control
  • Maritime drinking water
  • Tank systems

The standard range of fresh water systems is 0–20 m3/h, but bigger systems are available on request.
All systems are produced in materials approved for drinking water.