BacTerminator Safe – Surface

A new, approved, Danish surface disinfectant system – disinfection liquid produced on site in the correct use solution.


  • Effective against both viruses, fungi and bacteria.
  • Works quickly and efficiently, based on microbiological efficiency tests at laboratories in DK and abroad.
  • Approved for marketing in the EU (most contries), including DK

Safe to use

  • 100% alcohol free.
  • No particular risk of skin irritation and eye irritation.
  • Non-flammable. Can be used for open fires, barbecues, etc., as well as by smokers.

Easy to use

  • The use mixture is produced directly
  • No handling of chemicals to be mixed
  • High efficiency
  • Fully automatic production
  • Up to 9 l / hour – use mixture
  • Compact system

Safe to store

  • No requirements for protected storage in either home or workplace.
  • No special fire safety requirements during shipping or storage.

Contains chlorine – is it a problem?
The chlorine content of the liquid is defined by the EU agency ECHA as ‘Active chlorine formed from sodium chloride by electrolysis’. The chlorine compounds are considered medically-toxicologically harmless when used as described.


Active chlorine formed by sodium chloride by electrolysis
CapacityUp to 9 l / h. 0.3 g / l (0.03%)
For use undiluted
Violation of the following special regulations may result in punishment:
May only be used as surface disinfection against bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not drink the product.
Keep away from food, beverages and feed.
Contains chlorine and can have bleaching effect on textiles and other surfaces.
Is not flammable.
Durable 72 hours after production.
Residuel NaCl2.5 g pr. liter in working solution
Power consumption
0.8 Wh pr. 1 l produced use mixture
ControlPLC (Controller)
Alarm and monitoringShuts down in case of leakage in production unit.
Cabinet.HxLxW in mm, 400x700x250 + 20 l tank, Plastic
Electrical connection230/240 V / 50-60 Hz approx. 150 VA, IP 54
Water connectionConnects to drinking water – has built-in EA backflow preventer
PrecursorBacTerminator Safe NaCl – purified NaCl meets DS / EN 14805 + NA requirements