The 3 kill-zones in a dental treatment center

For decades dentist and dental manufacturers has struggled to keep bacteria out of their units. It has been a losing battle, using various filters, or dosing of various chemicals. The picture below shows the inside of a water container that is part of a dental unit water line with bacterial growth.

None of it has proven a steady functional effectiveness, nor any sign of hygiene management that works on an everyday basis. Dentist are obliged to test for bacteria counts and to provide clean water with low counts of colonizing forming units (CFU) to the patient, having oral procedure.

The Hygowater© devices from Dürr Dental and the ActiveAqua© from Planmeca has changed all that.

Both systems provide a triple kill-zone for incoming bacteria and virus.

  • The integrated electrolysis chamber kills instantly most of all incoming bacteria and virus by producing a controlled amount of free chlorine in the water.
  • Ultrafiltration holds back bacteria and virus such as legionella and E-Coli and kills them. At the same time the free chlorine, produced by the electrolysis is keeping the ultrafilter clean.
  • The surplus of free chlorine produced, kills and eliminates the pre-existing bacteria and virus in the dental unit. Keeping the water clean from microorganisms such as Legionella, all the way to the patient.

The entire system provides “Peace-of-mind” to the dentist, the assistance and the patients.

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