Adept Water Technologies is a high-end manufacturer of in-situ electrolysis systems for disinfecting surfaces and water systems

Safe money, improve working environment and reduce handling and storage by producing your disinfection agent On-Site

Today, more than ten thousand people are protected by the BacTerminator® infection control system when visiting their dentist or using showers – and the number is growing as more systems are being installed.  

Our infection control systems are widely applicable – e.g. they secure water quality and provide infection control in health care facilities, schools, care homes and residential buildings.

Our body has developed one of nature’s most effective infection control systems. Using natural salts derived from water, the body produces an extremely effective disinfectant – hypochlorous acid (HOCl). This super-oxidation process, known as phagocytic killing, is performed by some of the white blood cells (phagocytes).

The disinfection process takes place without handling of chemicals. Our BacTerminator® cell produces the same disinfectant as the human body, using the same resources – water and salt.

Our products

BacTerminator® Safe – microbiological control in water systems

Legionella control in hot water systems. Bacteria and biofilm control in drinking water systems. Disinfection of water for reuse.

Stand alone and OEM build in for Dental Unit Water disinfection

EN1717/DVGW back flow protection for direct unit connection. Bottle filling systems. Customized build-in solutions.

BacTerminator® HealthCare

Safe water in Health Care applications, wound cleaning and irrigation, drinking water and other applications

BacTerminator® Liquid system

Small size systems for surface disinfection liquid made on-site. Produce your own disinfection liquid on-site

Customized solutions

Large size and OEM build in disinfection systems. Small size air gaps EN1717 and DVGW for OEM applications

Latest news

More focus on Legionella in Denmark

After a record breaking number of #Legionella cases in Denmark in 2020, the Danish authorities has decided to intensify information to the public about how to handle Legionella. At the same time it is examined how ”risk assessment and control must be carried out and which authorities must carry out this risk assessment and control.” […]


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