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We strive to solve future challenges to avoid climate changes. We therefore connect people, knowledge and unique technology in order to improve infection control within all aspects of water solutions

This is how it works

The BacTerminator® system gives you the natural way for infection control. The BacTerminator® converts salt in the water to effective disinfectants by the use of electrical energy

No chemicals beside NaCl are needed to initiate the process. It “runs” solely on water and electrical power.
It works at extremely low conductivity >25 μS/cm and low salt concentration >5 mg Cl/l.
In some systems where a high concentrate is neccesary NaCl (table salt) is added in the process.

Watch our film and discover why it’s a good idea to stay ahead of the
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By connecting knowledge and unique technology,
we improve infection control and create green
and safe water solutions.

Infection control

By using electrolysis to make active chlorine (HOCl + OCl-), you will gain one of the most effective disinfection technologies available.


Making the active chlorine in-line or in-situ guarantee an extremely high efficiency with no byproducts – this is a problem seen when using active chlorine as storage chemical where there is a degradation over time that also leads to the formation of byproducts. Active Chlorine generated from Sodium Chloride by electrolysis is regulated by European legislation (Biocidal Product Regulation). This means that both chemical content and efficiency is tested and approved before the products are sent on the market.

Our high tech electrolysis

systems disinfect surfaces

and water purification plants

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