Safe surface

A new, approved, Danish surface disinfection system –
disinfectant liquid produced on site in the right solution.

Surface disinfection is essential for good hygiene. But handling of chemicals, mixing and storage is an ongoing challenge. Think a world where you can make your disinfection solution on-site without handling anything but water and salt and always in the right concentration.

And of course the system fulfill the European biocidal regulation showing full efficiency in  all kinds of application – this is the future of surface disinfection.

Our competences cover:

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Our new surface disinfectant system are Danish
design, approved and taylormade your needs

Watch our film and see how and where our new surface disinfection system can be used.
In addition the system enable you to produce disinfectant liquids on-site just the way you want it.

Advantages of the BacTerminator® Safe surface

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BacTerminator® Smart with ECA tank

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