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Adept Water Technologies A/S is an environmental technology company in rapid growth. In autumn 2007, we successfully introduced BacTerminator® products to customers in Denmark and other European countries. Since then, Adept Water Technologies has completed a significant expansion of capital which provided us with a strong platform for reinforcing the growth and development of our business.

This is what we work for:

Vision: We want to contribute to improving infection control in Health Care and water resources through green disinfection.

Mission: We make infection control better, safer and greener.

Values: Driven by the desire to solve future challenges, we connect people, knowledge and unique technology and create better, greener and safer infection control solutions – while still running a profitable business for our customers and us.

Kristian Møller

Director Sales

Contact for sales

Kim Jensen


Contact for support & training

Management team

Søren Spangbo, CEO


Kristian Møller, Director Sales


Kim Jensen, Head of Technical Department (PTD)


Thomas Hartmann, Head of Production

Our board

Preben Tolstrup

Chairman of the Board, CEO of Precaso. Preben Tolstrup has previously been CEO of Logstor A/S, Executive Vice-President of the FLS Group and CEO of Alstom Power’s global environmental activities.


Nils Christian Foss

Currently working on developing a number of start-ups as a private venture capitalist. He was Marketing Director at Oticon, President of an SW start-up company and Management Consultant at McKinsey & Co. He is on the Board of nine technology based companies in Denmark and abroad. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.


Jesper Bo Hansen

Has since 2000, been CEO of Catella Property Denmark A/S. Jesper Bo Hansen’s background is in property and corporate finance. He has held positions including CEO of Capitalforum and Scandinavian Securities, and Joint Head of the Property Division of Baltica Finans.


Thomas Lund

CEO and owner of Dansk Teknologi A/S, which is a strategic partner to Adept Water Technologies. Dansk Teknologi is involved in consultancy and innovation for mechanical technologies. Thomas Lund has given presentations at a large number of international conferences and is the author of several books. In addition, he worked actively in education and research for a number of years and has been a member of the Board of Directors of Grundfos.


Thérèse Hamilton

Has a Master of Science in Dental Surgery and is CEO of Thérèse Hamilton ApS. Beside this has Thérèse worked as consultant for the dental insurance industry.


Steen Blaafalk

Former Group CFO & CRO at Saxo Bank A/S (a global leading provider of financial technology for capital market trading). Previously, Steen Blaafalk was CEO Danske Bank’s Investment Bank Division.

Adept as an employer

Adept Water Technologies is working on an exciting process to develop the business and the company on the basis of its technology and products with major market potential and a strong capital base. We use our employees, processes and technology to create effective solutions for our customers. This means we can also offer excellent career opportunities with exciting challenges and development prospects.

Unsolicited application

Whether or not we have current vacancies, we’re always on the lookout for new talent. If you have competences within sales and servicing of water treatment equipment, the food and dairy industry, electrochemistry or PLC programming, you’re welcome to send an unsolicited application with CV to our CEO Søren Spangbo at ssp@ adeptwatertech.com.

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